Monday, January 11, 2010

1st Post-YAY!

I started making hair bows and such when my youngest was a baby, but it's only been a year since I started selling hair accessories, and oh what I've learned! I have researched and practiced making bows until somedays my hands ache. But, I LOVE this. It gives me such a since of satisfaction to make something and have something to show for my time-vs. cleaning a house only to find it cluttered in 60 seconds after my 3 & 7 year olds come tearing through.

I hope this blog can help other moms come up with quick and easy ideas for everyday hair in 10 minutes or less. And I hope to share some special styles for flower girls, Easter or portrait sessions that are PAIN FREE for Mommy and Daughter.

Hair is big in my life-it always has been. My mom used to do my hair in a zillion different ways and I loved it-I could be Princess Leah (dating myself, I know) or I had 100 or so braids the next day. Hair time was a time for us to talk and bond, and I've kept that tradition with my girls.

So, get ready to let your hair down!