Monday, August 2, 2010

Messenger Bag and Lunch Tote

Back to school, back to school! When the stores started rolling out their new backbacks we would look and Kylee never did find something she loved. She wanted a turquoise and pink messenger bag. So, I let her pick out some fabric and I set out to make her a messenger bag and lunch tote. My how much I've learned doing the reserach for making these bags! Kudos to the people who crank out these tote bags that you see everywhere-bags are not "simple" even thought the directions may say otherwise!
I started Saturday and finished around midnight. But, the lunch tote just took a couple of hours today. I was particularly proud of the inverted appliques of her name and initial. The messenger bag has an inside pocket for ice cream money, ponytail holders, or other little treasures and a few pencil pockets.
The lunch tote-WOW-well I feel like I deserve some sort of sewing diploma for that one. Laminated fabric for the lining so it could be cleaned easily. Researched the best insulating material and then finally FOUND some! AND, installed my first zipper!! Yea, Me!!!
Kylee was so thrilled. It was her design, so she feels like she had a part in its creation as well.
Now, on to make Jacee a bag to take to MOPS. She has put in her own special request, too :)

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